On January 23, 2012, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued a decision in Edwards v. Geisinger Clinic.   In this case, Dr. Philip Edwards, a licensed physician from the United Kingdom, argued that the at-will employment clause in his employment agreement with Geisinger Clinic was not valid.  Instead, he stated that this contract guaranteed that he would remain employed by the Geisinger Clinic for at least three years because this was the time requested by the Geisinger Clinic when it petitioned for his H-1b.  The Third Circuit rejected this argument.  It noted that “sponsorship of an H-1b visa alone does not imply that the employer-sponsor has guaranteed employment for the visa’s duration.”  Thus, an organization that sponsors an employee for an H-1b does not have a duty to employ the beneficiary throughout the duration of the H-1b validity period. Dr. Edwards other arguments also failed and the Third Circuit dismissed this appeal.  The immigration effects of having an at-will employment agreement versus an express employment agreement can be crucial.  The Hammond Law Group is always happy to help explore this topic.