Hammond Neal Moore, LLC

Hammond Neal Moore, LLC is a full-service immigration law firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a national practice, serving clients located throughout the United States. We began operations in 1991 and since that time have provided representation to individuals and corporations, handling both family and business based types of cases.

In the almost thirty years we have been in business, we have developed a reputation as a fun and caring place to work where integrity still counts. These character traits reflect in our client relationships as evidenced by our honest and transparent billing procedures and our continued quest to make you, the client, achieve the obvious goal; a successful result, and the not-so-obvious but, often equally important goal; performing better for your customers, employees and supervisors. We have come to think of many of our clients as friends and we revel in your successes and feel the pain of your failures.

Our goal is to be a law firm that does not look or act much like a typical law firm. If you are seeking a stodgy, serious, old-fashioned law firm, then you are at the wrong place. We are familiar with suits and ties but, we don’t wear them often. If you attend one of our educational seminars, we expect you to laugh as much as learn. The firm ultimately seeks to partner with you, our clients in a long-term relationship; achieve positive immigration results, stay out of trouble, and make us all money.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about us. We welcome the opportunity to have you as a client.