How to Obtain a Medical Examination for I-485 Adjustment of Status Purposes

If you are working with our firm, you should check with your HNM case manager first before obtaining the medical examination. The attorney handling your case may strategically want you to wait until a request letter (sometimes referred to as “Courtesy Letter” or “Deficiency Notice” or “Request for Evidence”) is issued by USCIS to obtain the medical examination or until an interview is scheduled (if applicable for your case). Once you have been instructed to obtain the medical examination, you can follow the below instructions.

Medical Examination Instructions (for each I-485 applicant):

Please find a civil surgeon to perform this examination for you at this website:

When you call to schedule your appointment: Make sure to be clear that you need an “immigration examination/physical.” You will likely need to make two appointments – one to complete paperwork, provide them with your vaccine documentation, and then a second appointment for any other tests that need to be done. But please ask them for their protocol and what they need from you. During the exam, the doctor will test for communicable diseases such as TB and syphilis. The doctor may also check your records to see if you need updated vaccinations.

Here is what the form looks like that the doctor will fill out:

Once your results are ready, please request them in a sealed envelope and also request an unsealed copy for your own records. Make sure you sign the forms before the physician seals your results. We have seen many physicians forget to collect signatures and this can cause a delay. Therefore, we also advise that you carefully review the unsealed copy that the office provides to you to ensure that it includes signatures both by yourself and by the physician. You should ensure that all sections are filled out completely (e.g., sometimes the physician may forget to mark one of the rows in the chart under Part 10. Vaccination Record). You should also ensure that in Part 10, the Results are marked either was “may be eligible for blanket waivers” or “history complete for each vaccination.” If any other result is marked, you should discuss with your HNM attorney to determine if further action is needed. If any required sections of the form are not filled out or present an issue, you should discuss with your HNM attorney.

Never open the sealed version of your medical examination results.

Once your results are received, you should notify your HNM case manager and ensure that you follow the correct instructions as far as next steps. These next steps may involve bringing the sealed medical examination to your interview or mailing them directly (with an attached request letter by USCIS) to the adjudicating office.