IT and Engineering Practice Group

The firm has developed an expertise in the handling of cases for Information Technology (IT) and engineering staffing companies and information technology workers alike. The firm handles in excess of 2000 cases per year for IT and engineering workers. Our clients range from a mega-size Indian based consulting company that is publicly traded to a start-up Mom and Pop shop working out of an extra bedroom, and all sizes in between.

We educate ourselves about your industry by attending and speaking at trade shows and annual conferences sponsored by organizations including Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), TechServe Alliance, ITServe and the American Staffing Association (ASA).

We help create strategies for your organization by asking questions and partnering with you. Over the past twenty years, we have worked with our clients to develop initiatives that include: electronic LCA postings,  roving employee plans, LCA PAF’s, real world recruitment that actually benefits your organization and yet still complies with the PERM requirements and supports your employee’s residency goals, and plans for establishing conformity with the Neufeld policy memorandum and H-1b Itinerary and Contracts memo.

We provide educational and training opportunities for our clients through several initiatives. The firm has a blog, Views on Business Immigration, which provides up to date items of importance in a practical style. Each year, the firm provides in-house as well as public seminars and teleconferences for its IT clients.

We advocate on behalf of our clients on Capital Hill. We regularly attend various Lobby day type events with clients and trade associations advocating for the fair treatment of high skilled workers. We regularly work directly with multiple Congressional offices to offer our input on drafting of legislation that impacts the staffing industry.

We process filings on behalf of clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We provide custom, web-based tools that allow both management and the foreign national professionals to seamlessly interact with our firm and each other. We offer an on-line portal that allows 24/7 access to case status and key documents such as copies of notices, petitions, LCA’s, etc .We attempt to remove the administrative burden from your human resources professionals and recruiters.

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