Not-For-Profit (NFP) and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Immigration

Immigration cases for not-for-profit corporations including NGOs are distinct in many ways from those filed on behalf of publicly traded corporations or privately held corporations. Their financial documentation is obviously different. NGO employees often have project-based contracts. The funding from such projects often comes from governments or large donor organizations and must be periodically renewed.  In some cases, their wage systems are quite different from those at privately held organizations. Their employees must typically operate within a superstructure of rules imposed by the funding organization, and employees are sometimes seconded to the funding organization, a Ministry of a foreign government, or a host organization.  And it is not uncommon for their employees to be embedded within client or government organizations.

All of these, and more, distinctive characteristics may trigger immigration issues that, if handled without a knowledge and vision of these special traits, can morph into a problem.  Conversely, a keen knowledge and understanding of these factors can enable an immigration law firm to help its NFP or NGO client to architect immigration solutions that result in a more efficient and effective navigation of the work visa or permanent resident (green card) process.

Hammond Neal Moore LLC attorneys have decades of cumulative experience in handling such issues for NFP and NGO clients.  We have a large array of NFP and NGO clients ranging from prominent multi-national public health organizations that are funded by the U.S. government and private donors; large multi-national international development organizations; specialty training organizations; and educational institutions such as colleges and universities.

We are equipped to guide NFP and NGO through a myriad of issues such as whether they are exempt from the H-1B cap (annual limit) that applies to private employers; navigating their unique H-1B and PERM wage issues; how to plan for their intercompany (international) transfers; how to selectively use high-end categories like O-1 to hire star candidates from top graduate schools or from abroad, and how to utilize the NIW and EB1 green card categories to retain superstar employees long-term. It is the reason that Hammond Neal Moore LLC is the immigration law firm of choice of many NFP and NGOs.