College and University Services

Hammond Neal Moore (“HNM”) is one of the Midwest’s largest immigration only law firms.  We have a robust practice of assisting colleges and universities and the professors, researchers and other professionals who work at them.  We have represented many notable educational institutions, faculty, and researchers for decades.  HNM offers the following services to educational organizations and their staff:

  • Outstanding Professor and Researcher based permanent residence cases;
  • Extraordinary Ability based permanent residence cases – both university sponsored and self-sponsored – please see our website at
  • Self-sponsored National Interest Waiver based permanent residence cases;
  • Special handling PERM cases and consultations on such cases (where the college or university is handling the case but wants a second opinion on key issues or problems);
  • Challenging H-1B cases including for candidates who lack bachelor’s degrees, or whose degrees are not directly relevant to the occupation, and for start-up companies;
  • O-1 Extraordinary Ability temporary work visa cases (including for those about to hit the H-1B work visa maximum limit or those barred from H-1B due to the J-1 return requirement);
  • J-1 waivers for foreign medical graduates and others;
  • Family-based immigration cases;
  • Naturalization;
  • F-1 student visa reinstatements and other F-1 status related issues; and
  • Consultation on other visa status issues or problems.

We fill the gap between what colleges and universities adeptly and comfortably handle internally and those cases and issues that fall outside their usual mission of helping those on campus.  We regularly communicate with international student advisors and officials, professors and researchers around the United States.