Healthcare Practice Group

Leading hospitals, research facilities, and healthcare staffing agencies are seeking international talent to meet the growing demand for healthcare professionals in the United States. Hammond Neal Moore has the proven expertise to maximize recruitment budgets, ease operational burdens, and oversee the entire immigration process.

We educate ourselves about your industry by attending trade shows and annual conferences sponsored by organizations including Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), American Hospital Association (AHA), American Society of Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA), American Staffing Association (ASA), and National Association of Healthcare Recruiters (NAHCR).

We help create strategies for your organization by asking questions and partnering with you. Over the past ten years, we have created numerous unique initiatives for our clients that included, the Dakota plan, H-1(b) partnerships, PTI, EB2 for PT’s, and most recently, abandoned EB3 RN’s. Often, these initiatives are then copied by others but, typically, our clients have a head start on the market.

We provide educational and learning opportunities for our clients through several initiatives. The firm regularly produces a Symposium on the Recruitment of International Healthcare Workers. This educational event, open to clients and non-clients alike, is the largest event of its type in the United States. The firm’s attorneys also present to literally thousands of healthcare job-seekers each year at Canada’s largest healthcare job fairs, sponsored by the The Marskell Group.

We advocate on behalf of our clients. The firm was a leader in the successful retrogression relief bill passed by Congress in 2005 that provided relief to Schedule A applicants and the firm continues to advocate for retrogression relief. In January of 2010, when the USCIS announced the Neufeld policy, which threatened the healthcare staffing industry, the firm made several trips to Washington DC to appear in person in front of USCIS personnel to advocate changes in its application of the policy to healthcare staffing.

We process filings on behalf of clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We provide custom, web-based tools that allow both management and the foreign professionals to seamlessly interact with our firm and each other. We bring value to the recruitment process with forward-thinking strategies to maximize recruitment dollars. We attempt to remove the administrative burden from your human resources professionals and recruiters. In an industry where many staffing companies process petitions “in house”, we provide an alternative that many clients report actually make them money when the factors of delivery time, errors and omissions, and compliance are taken into consideration.

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