Investors and Entrepreneurs

Hammond Neal and Moore (HNM) has been a trusted legal advisor to foreign investors and entrepreneurs for over a quarter-century. We understand not only the ins and outs of the immigration law as it pertains to investors, but our attorneys have deep knowledge of a large number of industries so we can tailor immigration solutions that are pragmatic for investors and entrepreneurs who wish to establish or purchase a U.S. business enterprise. Further, we are experienced in collaborating with corporate and tax counsel, as well as business advisors and agents to architect the immigration strategy that best suits the overall objectives of the enterprise.

Our client portfolio in this area is diverse and we represent companies on investor related cases that range from large, name recognizable publicly traded companies to mid-sized and small companies as well as start-up companies funded by families or venture capitalists. We’ve seen some of our clients grow from less than a handful of passionate and visionary foreign-born investors to large vibrant organizations with anywhere from dozens to hundreds of employees. When we counsel such clients, we examine both short-term and long-term options with the objective of helping the investor to evaluate the pros and cons of each immigration option and provide maximum visibility as to how the case will likely unfold. We also help them to engage in risk assessment and mitigation.
Our investor and entrepreneur clients are also geographically diverse – many companies from Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, as well as North America (Canada and Mexico) have engaged us to handle their immigration matters. The industries that these clients are also diverse, with concentrations in the logistics and freight forwarding, manufacturing, consulting, information technology, and healthcare industries.

Some solutions that we provide include but are not limited to the following:


  • Using the B-1 (business visitor) category and its ESTA/Visa Waiver counterpart to scope out and make initial arrangements to set up the investment;
  • Securing L-1 (intracompany transferee) work visas for executives, managers, and specialized knowledge employees with multinational organizations that establish a U.S. office, including handling “new office” L-1 cases;
  • Securing E-1 (treaty trader) and E-2 (treaty investor) work visas for foreign nationals and foreign companies that make a substantial investment in a U.S.