September Visa Bulletin

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The Department of State (DOS) has released the final visa bulletin of this fiscal year. The Final Action dates remained virtually unchanged for India and China but, the Philippines EB2 and EB3 saw big jumps forward as did EB2 for all others. The DOS also announced that the worldwide limit for FY-2017 was set at 140,000 for employment based and the per-country limit was affixed at 25,620. With the October Visa Bulletin, the new fiscal year will start and we expect several retrogressed categories including EB1 India and China and EB2 all other and Philippines to return to current.

September Visa Bulletin Released

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The DOS released the September Visa Bulletin and the EB2 categories for India and PRC showed no forward movement whereas the EB3 categories for all countries once again showed slow but, steady movement forward. It is not uncommon for the final Visa Bulletin of the fiscal year to show some slow-down or even retrogression so there should not be too much read into the lack of movement in Sept. dates for EB2 categories.

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