There are several items of note in the next few weeks that are of interest to HLG’s Healthcare Immigration Blog.

1. HR 5924. The legislation will need to be reintroduced if it is to be passed during this Congress. It is expected that Rep. Wexler shortly will reintroduce the legislation.

2. Rep. Shadegg’s Nursing Relief Act of 2009.
This legislation seeks to create a new W visa, just for nurses. The W visa would work very similar to the H-1 visa, except that it would be exclusively for RNs. While this legislation would provide a solution to the US’ effective prohibition against internationally-trained nurses, it is unlikely to be passed. Rep. Shadegg has proposed identical legislation in past Congresses. If Rep. Shadegg was unable to have this legislation passed when the Republicans controlled Congress and the White House, it seems unlikely to pass when they do not.

3. Sen. Schumer’s appointment as the Senate’s Chair of the Immigration Subcommittee. The Senator has long been a champion of sensible nursing visa legislation; he often takes the lead on the issue.

What you can do to help:

This letter should be sent via email to Pelosi, Miller, and Lofgren. I have included their contact info below:
If you do not have a presence in Calfironia, please send it to your local Senators and Congressmen. If you need the email addresses for your Congressmen you can go to and