HLG has confirmed that the Senate leadership is comfortable with a proposal to solve retrogression for Schedule A occupation — registered nurses and physical therapists. It was through grassroots advocacy that we were able to explain to the Senate leadership just how important this issue is. Thank you to everyone who made an effort.

We now must turn our efforts toward the House.

If anyone works with or at any hospitals in the following Representatives’ districts, please contact Chris Musillo (cmusillo@hammondlawfirm.com; 513-381-2011 x223) ASAP.

Rep. Lofgren (D – CA) : 16th District – San Jose

Rep. Eshoo (D- CA) : 14th District – San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz

Rep. Pelosi (D – CA) : 8th District – San Francisco and north

Essentially anyone who is located in the Bay Area and wants to see retrogression solved should contact their hospital leadership and see if they are willing to make a few phone calls and sign onto a letter. If they are willing to do that, please let Chris know ASAP. Chris can then explain exactly what needs to be done.


We’re getting close.