The Department of State Visa Bulletin for immigrant visa numbers moved slightly this month. The April Visa Bulletin (which takes effect April 1st) shows movement of about 1 1/2 months for the third preference categories for Philippines, China and worldwide category and slightly more than 2 months movement for India.

Based upon earlier projections from the State Department for this year, the third preference for the Philippines and worldwide category is expected to make a two-year jump before the end of this fiscal year (October 1st), to move forward with cases with priority dates in the range of April to August 2005. The third preference category for China and India is on pace to move only 5 more months before the end of this fiscal year, based upon Department of State projections.

The Visa Numbers are as follows:

1st Preference: Current for all categories
2nd Preference: Current -worldwide, Mexico & Philippines; China: 22 Aug 05; India 01 Feb 05;
3rd Preference: Worldwide, China & Phil. 01 Feb. 03; India: 08 Sept. 01; Mexico: 01 July 02;