Just when you thought you’d seen it all in USCIS RFEs, the Service adds a new bizzare element of inquiry.  The Service is now apparently relying upon a listing of operating businesses in the U.S. maintained by the private, for-profit corporation Dunn & Bradstreet.   They are taking corporate data from Dunn & Bradstreet and adding it to the Service’s VIBE (Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises) database.  If your business is not listed in the Dunn & Bradstreet database, then you’re not making it into VIBE and it appears as if your business does not exist.  USCIS may issue a RFE asking you to verify your name and address through tax returns, rental/lease agreements, business licenses, or corporate filings.   According to such RFEs, USCIS recommends updating your corporate profile with this company to avoid future RFEs, NOIDs, or denials and the Service claims there is no fee to update your company’s information.

What will they think of next?!?