U.S. Green Cards

Hammond Law Group, LLC represents a variety of individuals seeking permanent residency as well as companies seeking to sponsor its employees for permanent residency. For companies, we develop a plan which seeks to obtain permanent residency on behalf of your employees as quickly as possible while still considering the link between the business visa and the permanent residency case and compliance ramifications. For individuals, we are able to examine all possible options and develop a strategy and/or career guidance to better enhance an individual’s chances of obtaining permanent residency.

For most businesses, the labor certification (PERM) is the most frequently used process to obtain permanent residency on behalf of its employees. Hammond Law Group is available to develop strategies including preparation of advertisements, placement of advertisements, and guidance throughout the labor market test all in accordance with Department of Labor standards. Hammond Law Group seeks to work with businesses and understand the actual recruitment practices of a business and supplement those recruitment practices if needed.

We are also available to assist multi-national executives and managers of corporations seek permanent residency when their assignment in the U.S. becomes more permanent in nature.

For universities and colleges, our firm is available to assist with special handling cases and sponsored cases for outstanding professors and researchers.

For hospitals and other healthcare organizations that hire foreign professionals, our firm is available to process the Sch. A, Immigrant petitions and assist with Consular processing or adjustment of status.

For individuals, our firm assists researchers and scientists who may qualify under the extraordinary ability category and/or national interest waiver category.

We want the opportunity to demonstrate how we can help you. Please contact Michael F. Hammond via mfh@hammondlawgroup.com.