U.S. Business Visas

Hammond Law Group, LLC represents a variety of U.S.-based and foreign-based businesses to facilitate obtaining business visas for its employees to legally work and/or transact business in the U.S. Our business clients range from small mom-and-pop start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Whether your business hires the occasional foreign worker who has recently graduated from a U.S. school or whether your business actively engages in off-shore recruiting, we are able to develop a unique business immigration strategy. We take pride in our ability to become a true business partner for our clientele and provide customized solutions to even the most complex immigration scenarios.

Our primary focus in processing U.S. business visas is to ensure that our clients are in compliance with all applicable Department of Homeland Security (USCIS), Department of State and Department of Labor regulations. We balance our best-in-class compliance procedures with the need to obtain the necessary work visa as quickly as possible. We have established documented service guidelines which allow us to provide turn-around in most business-based visa cases in less than 72 hours. We ensure that your immigration needs are properly handled by assigning a scalable team of attorneys, secondary attorneys, primary paralegal, and a team of service professionals to each client business. Our larger clients have dedicated service teams who handle only their unique situation. All of our clients receive that same superior level of service, but we allocate appropriate resources to maximize the value of the partnership.

The most common business visas for which we process cases include the H-1(b), L-1, E, O, and the TN. We also provide assistance with other visas which may be relatively unfamiliar to most businesses and these would include the O, E-3, H-2(a), H-2(b), H-3, and R.

We want the opportunity to demonstrate how we can help your organization. Please contact Michael F. Hammond via mfh@hammondlawgroup.com.