The next few weeks are critical for the Bridge legislation. Congress has about a dozen budget bills to consider before the end of this term. Our goal is to attach the Bridge legislation to an appropriate bill. Accordingly, HLG’s current projection is that the Bridge bill has a 50% chance of passing between now and years’ end.

The Coalition to Improve Healthcare Staffing (, of which HLG is a founding member, is ramping up its effort to get the Bridge bill passed. The Coalition will be making weekly visits to Washington DC to urge Congressional members to consider and pass our legislation. Our first visit is this week. HLG’s Cindy Unkenholt is part of this week’s delegation.

The CTIHS has also doubled its efforts. We have raised enough funds to bring on a second lobbyist to work on this important matter. His work has started this week.

Also, the CTIHS will shortly be posting state-specific talking points on its webpage. Everyone should feel free to download and use these talking points to push their Congressional representatives.

If you are a hospital or staffing company and you are interested in formally helping out on this important advocacy effort, please contact Chris Musillo (