E3 visas for Irish attached to S1983 aka HR 3012

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Earlier this week, Senator Schumer (D NY) attached a bill that would allow up to 10,000 E3 visas for nationals of Ireland under the same rules currently utilized by the Australian E3 program. The measure has been hotlined in the Senate which typically means it will move faster and has a greater likelihood of passage. Of importance to everyone outside of the emerald isles is that this measure is attached to S1983 which is the Senate version of  HR3012 which would eliminate the per country immigrant visa limits and would have a huge impact on nationals of India and China.  HR3012 passed the House overwhelmingly by a vote of 389-15 in a show of bi-partisanship rarely seen in this Congress but, when the bill arrived in the Senate, one man,  Senator Grassley put a stop to it. It is not know whether Senator Grassley will continue to try and stop this bill in its current form, and if so, whether there are enough votes in the Senate to overcome his opposition.