Does the Jobs Act Passage Signal Hope for Work Visa Legislation ?

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In a surprising development, both parties in Congress stopped campaigning, posturing, and fighting long enough to actually enact legislation designed to create US jobs and spur development via the passage of the Jobs Act.  At least one entrepreneur supporter/venture capitalist, Steve Case,  believes that there is a connection between a legal immigration policy that welcomes entrepreneurs and highly skilled immigrants and new U.S. jobs growth  and he has the facts to back up his argument.  He also believes that the same arguments which resulted in bi-partisan support for the Jobs Act, may be persuasive enough to pass reforms in the legal immigration system. In his way stands Senator Grassley, the staunchest opponent of legal immigration, who like my 2 yr. old grandson, loves the word No ! However, Senator Grassley does like new jobs so there is hope that he will be able to move past his anti-immigrant leanings and support legal immigration reforms.  Also, standing in the way are groups that want the issue of illegal immigration tied to legal immigration to more easily enact a type of amnesty or pathway to citizenship. Whether Mr. Case is able to overcome these major obstacles and achieve any meaningful reform is yet to be seen but, the mere fact that he is talking about it, can only be seen as positive.