It’s not Just You ! L-1b denials !

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You have the perfect L-1b case. Your employee has worked for your Indian office for over 100 years; he invented the proprietary tool that your company now uses all over the world; he is coming into the US to your wholly owned subsidiary to train US workers on how to use this proprietary tool so they can add US jobs in a blue state; and, he will not even look in the direction of any 3rd party worksite.  Your company just got the USCIS to approve a blanket L petition for you. He is well prepped for the visa interview. You are so confident, you have even started to fix some namkeen snacks for his arrival !   DENIED ! DENIED ! DENIED ! This unfortunately, is standard operating procedure for the US Consulates in India considering L-1b blanket visa petitions and the USCIS adjudicators reviewing L-1b individual petitions. In spite of public statements from USCIS Director Mayorkas and claims by President Obama about welcoming arms for immigrant innovators and entrepreneurs, the ugly truth is that Indian innovators and entrepreneurs are about as welcome in the US right now as  Al Gore would be at a Coal Mining convention.  It is time for the speeches to end.  Indian innovators and entrepreneurs deserve better.  At some point along the spectrum of adjudicators and bureaucrats, someone needs to stand up and say, "hey guys, just for today, let's do something crazy and unusual and follow the law !"   For more on this subject, check out this great post by renowned immigration attorney Angelo Paparelli.