Arms wide open ? Hardly !

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In spite of all the rhetoric coming from the White House on increasing entrepreneurial opportunities in the U.S. for immigrants that create jobs for U.S. workers, the opposite is the reality, as this case reported by ABC News illustrates. One must wonder, who is in charge of U.S. immigration policy ? President Obama certainly isn't ! Right now, the hard line restrictionists led by the esteemed Senator Grassley and his cohort, Senator Durbin would be proud of the closed door policy and culture of NO that this administration has achieved.

Less talk, more action needed from USCIS !

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Once again, the USCIS is publicly pretending to be the friend of entrepreneurs, investors and specially skilled foreign workers while the culture of NO remains deeply ingrained at the Service Centers and at the US Consulates. In announcing the "Entrepreneurs in Residence" program, Director Mayorkas, has once again put forth the right message. Unfortunately, his own agency is not on the same page, honestly, they are not even in the same library.   It is time for the Director to stop creating new initiatives and clean-up his own house.

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