My apologies for not updating sooner, but I (Chris) have been stranded in Washington DC for the last two days. As some of you may know, a major ice/snow storm blanketed most of the US’ east coast. My original flight home was for Friday evening. I finally managed to get a flight out Sunday morning – about 40 hours after my original flight!

Last week’s Washington trip was very interesting. Sherry and Chris haven’t had a chance to compare notes, but I can say that there is definitely support for a Nurse Recapture visa amendment outside of the CIR legislation. There is a good shot (50-50?) that we get our amendment attached to some piece of legislation in the next 60-90 days. Success probably will depend more on whether the Democratic leadership allows amendments to be attached to omnibus bills. There is no real animosity for our bill, outside of one or two isolated politicos, and those few can probably be swayed. We still missed a big chance with the 9/11 legislation, but the opportunity for relief is still very real.