Recent reports suggest a possible stablization in the labor market as October experienced the slowest reduction in jobs in more than a year. In October, private employers shed 203,000 jobs, nearly 24,000 less than that which was lost in September (these numbers come from the ADP National Employment Report). “A slowdown in job losses boosts the chances that job growth could appear in early 2010,” reports Reuters. They make this estimate carefully, though, taking note that the labor market is still “fragile”. Economists are also cautiously hopeful for the future after seeing slowdowns in both job loss, payroll shrinkage, and planned layoffs. “The US job market will likely grow early next year as the unemployment rate peaks about 10 percent,” predicts Macroeconomic Adviser chairman Joel Prakken. Prakken expects full US employment, however, to not be achieved until the year 2014.