Democratic Senator Charles E. Schumer and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham released their plan to overhaul the immigration system in the Washington Post today. Although most of their plan is directed at reducing illegal immigration through biometric Social Security cards, strengthening border security, admitting temporary workers, and implementing a fair path to legalization, they do touch upon “developing a rational legal immigration system” to ensure future economic prosperity. As part of this rational system they mention awarding green cards to immigrants who have received their PhDs or Master’s degrees in science, technology, engineering or math from a US university. They write “It makes no sense to enducate the world’s future inventors and entrepreneurs and then force them to leave when they are able to contribute to our economy.” They also mention creating a system for admitting lower-skilled workers which would allow employer to hire immigrants if they can show they were unsuccessful in recruiting from the American workforce. Ending their plan, they urge for bipartisan support writing, “The American people deserve more than empty rhetoric and impractical calls for mass deportation. We urge the public and our colleagues to join our bipartisan efforts in enacting these reforms.” HLG will keep you updated on the progress of this plan.
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