On Friday October 24, 2008 HLG is holding its annual West Coast Healthcare Symposium in San Francisco. The event features several HLG attorneys and three outside speakers — a member from the California Board of Nursing, Kaplan, and a labor employment lawyer.

The event is open to friends and clients of the law firm, but is targeted to healthcare employers, such as hospitals, staffing companies, recruiters, long term facilities, and clinics.

This year we specially will discuss working under the current, and likely continuing, retrogression. Our topics will include using cap-exempt H-1 visas, EB2 strategies, and other uncommon immigration tactics. Our goal is for attendees to become empowered so that they can provide pathways for foreign-trained healthcare workers to enter the US. It is HLG sincere belief that foreign-trained healthcare workers must be part of a solution to the US healthcare worker staffing shortage. Since the US system is employer-based, US healthcare employers must understand and then employ the full pallet of immigration options.

There are still a few spots available. If you are interested, please click on the banner at the top of the Blog or visit the signup webpage. Because of our travels it may be awhile before the next post, unless, of course, new events warrant an immediate posting.