Renew your Permanent Residency Card

Guide to Renew/replace your green card

Step One: Getting the right form to Renew / Replace your Permanent Resident Card…
Download the current version of the I-90 at On the USCIS homepage click on the “FORMS” tab – scroll down the page until you see the link for “Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card.” You can also click the following link for a current copy of FORM I-90.

Check to make sure you have the most recent version of this form. The expiration date of the form may be found in the top right hand corner of the form.

Step Two: Completing my form…
Complete Form I-90. You will need to provide basic biographic information, and the reason for renewing or replacing your Permanent Resident Card.

Step Three: Preparing my application package…
Once completed you will sign and date Form I-90 and make a copy for your records.

USCIS charges a fee for processing an I-90 and for collecting biometric data in most cases. The current fees may be found by using the following link: FORM I-90. USCIS fees are payable by check made out to the “US Department of Homeland Security.”

You will need to provide two (2) passport photographs along with your application package. You should write your name and Alien Number on the back of each photograph.

Additional supporting evidence and/or documentation may need to be included with your FROM I-90. To determine what documentation you may need to include and to determine the current fees for processing FORM I-90 and collecting biometric data CLICK HERE.

Step Four: Submitting my application…
Your application should be mailed to the address listed on the USCIS website found HERE.

Your application should be sent by certified mail. Remember to maintain your copy of your FORM I-90, supporting documentation, and certified mail receipt. If USCIS loses your application these copies may be used to demonstrate that your petition was filed properly.

After you file you will receive a receipt notice. To check the status of your application use the following link (you will need your receipt number).

Total processing time on your new Permanent Resident Card should take approximately 90 days from the time your file.

Step Five: Following up on my application…
Once your application is filed you will receive a Biometric Data Appointment at your local USCIS service center. This is a 10 minute appointment to collect your finger prints.

If you are unable to make this appointment you will need to re-schedule in advance by following the instructions on the appointment notice. Failure to appear at your appointment will result in your application being abandoned (USCIS does not refund filing fees).