As recently reported at,  the OIG released a report detailing that many rank and file USCIS examiners have faced pressure and even threats of job loss and demotion if they did not follow the policies and instructions of their supervisors including Director Mayorkas. The commentary suggested that those practices were horrible when, in fact, they should’ve been asking the question; “why should rank and file examiners think that their personal interpretations of the law be relevant ?” Rank and file examiners should follow the law, nothing more and nothing less.  The complaints of the “culture of no” which many immigration practitioners and employers believe is pervasisve at the USCIS Service Centers,  are derived from rank and file examiners who want to be policy makers and legislators instead of performing their jobs as tasked.   I applaud the pressure that USCIS HQ is putting on examiners and suggest that more is warranted.