PERM/Labor Certification

Initial information needed from the foreign national for a PERM/Labor Certification application
1) Full name, email, and phone number;
2) Resume which lists each relevant job by EMPLOYER (NOT BY PROJECT OR CLIENT) with beginning and ending dates (month and year) complete address, job title, number of hours worked per week, specific duties, and visa status if in the U.S. [This resume will not be filed with the DOL or the USCIS but is for HLG use only].
3) List of all skills, experience, etc. which you possess which you feel is relevant to your current position. Also, indicate where you obtained such skills.
Eg.#1: Database Administration – course at the University of Bombay
.Net, and XML – used at Microsoft
Eg.#2: Preparation of business plans – project during graduate program and while working at IBM
Eg.#3: Research on wave particles – course at MIT
4) Copy of I-94 card, front and back.
5) If we did not prepare and file your H-1b or L work visa petition, please provide us a copy of the complete petition, including all attachments and exhibits.
NOTES: It is very important that all of the information/documentation above be provided to us and that it is accurate, complete, and in the format requested. Delays in the processing of your case will occur if the information/documentation is not as requested. If you have any questions regarding what is needed, please contact the legal assistant assigned to your case.