Our Technology Philosophy

Hammond Neal Moore is an attorney-centric firm. We believe that foreign nationals going through immigration processes that range from simple to complex prefer to have an attorney that they can communicate with directly via email or over the phone. We also believe that human resources personnel, recruiters, account managers, mobility, and legal departments prefer direct communication with an attorney when they have an immigration question. We believe strongly in the benefits of technology, including artificial intelligence options, live chats with “someone”, a BOT that answers questions based upon foreign national input, and do-it-yourself packages that are designed to be efficient, fast, and cost-effective for straightforward matters. We will also acknowledge that the answers provided by these tools are often correct. However, we question whether the limits of a technology interface are acceptable in an ever-changing immigration landscape. Are your employees asking the right questions? Are they using the correct terminology? Do they know the difference between an immigration status and a visa stamp? Are they considering the overall strategy of their case or are they only focused on the immediate task or need? Our job as attorneys is to provide the right answers to the question being asked and to those that may not have been considered.

Hammond Neal Moore embraces technology, but also provides individual touch-points that avoid automating the immigration process. We have a robust cloud-based platform, INSZoom, that provides employees and corporate clients 24/7 access to case status, key documents to view and download, next steps and projected dates for completion of milestones, expiration dates, and, other features. The platform also provides reporting for corporate clients. We also utilize a secure cloud-based Citrix platform to exchange and store documents that allows for easy uploading, downloading, and storage.

We use technology to enhance the client experience, while remaining committed to having a live representative available to discuss case needs, corporate strategy, and how they may be impacted by new policies and regulations.