Sunday’s New York Times contained a concise editorial suggesting that a way out of the immigration disaster that the US is in is to

eke out little victories. A hearing was held in the House last week on the Strive Act, the smartest, most workable immigration bill left. There is support for two relatively uncontroversial provisions of the dead Senate bill, to help farms and farmworkers and to give an educational leg up to children who had no say in crossing the border illegally.

Notably, the editorial cited Bruce Morrison, who has been the biggest champion for Schedule A visa reform and who crafted the 2005 EX visa amendment,

Bruce Morrison, a former Connecticut congressman with an extensive immigration portfolio, makes an interesting pro-immigrant case for ditching comprehensive reform. Fix legal immigration first, he says — get those backlogs down, get a steady supply of nurses, engineers and M.B.A.’s flowing, and impose strict biometric workplace IDs so that all future hiring is legitimate.