A press release from DHS on 9/9/2008 reveals that due to an increase in funding from Congress, USCIS and the FBI can process name checks in a “timely manner.”  USCIS has since adjusted their national average processing time from 16-18 months to 10-12 months.  While most cases are processed in about 6 months, the national average takes into account a small percentage of cases that have been pending for years.  

 So where are the best and worst places to file? (Based on 2007 Average Cycle Times)

BEST:  Manchester NH, New York NY, and Guam have an average of 3-3.5 months processing time.

WORST:  New Orleans LA with an average of 18 months processing for their 3,000 cases.

HONORABLE MENTION:  Los Angeles CA processes its docket of over 56,000 pending Natz cases (more than double any other USCIS office) with an average cycle time of 6 months. 

 If you have a pending case or are considering filing for citizenship, check out the attached cycle times for an idea of how long before you can vote!

 — Katie Jacob, Esq.