Naturalization/N-400 Application

Initial information needed for a Naturalization/N-400 application
Download Naturalization Questionnaire Principal Applicant
1. Copy of Permanent Resident Card (front and back)
2. Birth Certificates with English translations (if applicable)
3. Copies of all previous passports
4. Two passport style photographs
5. Evidence of presence in the U.S for (5) years which may include the following: (a) Tax returns filed for the past five years; (b) Lease or Mortgage for past five years; (c) Employment records showing you have been present in the U.S. for the past five years.
6. Absence from the U.S. and Evidence of Continuous Ties (if applicable) – if you lived abroad or took trips outside the U.S. lasting 6 months or longer, you must provide evidence that you maintained ties with the U.S. during your travels. This would include paying rent or a mortgage in order to maintain a home in the U.S., paying U.S. Federal Taxes while abroad, etc.
7. Evidence of any Arrests or Criminal Convictions (if applicable) – if you have been arrested, detained, or convicted of any crimes in the U.S., you must provide evidence of the charges and the final disposition of each case. Obtain the police report and the court records showing the final disposition on the case.