The State Department has released the Visa Bulletin for the month of September. As compared to the current month bulletin, the dates remained the same for EB3 India but moved forward 1 month for EB3 China, 2 months for EB2 China and India and 6 months for EB3 Philippines and EB3 “all others” except China, India, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Since the beginning of this calendar year (January 2010) we have seen the following movement:
12 month progression for EB2 China
16 month progression for EB2 India
14 month progression for EB3 China
6 1/2 month progression for EB3 India
28 month progression for EB3 Philippines
28 month progression for EB3 “all others” (excludes China, India, Mexico, Dominican Republic)

Based upon historical data of visa numbers and the statistics released from the government agencies (Dept. of Labor, USCIS, NVC) on the number of cases pending, it is expected that the EB3 category for the Philippines and EB3 “all others” will continue to move more rapidly than India and China.