The results of yesterday’s mid-term elections could shed light on the future of comprehensive immigration reform in the U.S. While many are touting yesterday’s results as a referendum on the Obama administration’s progress, there are still signs that the Democrats have power and possibly the ability to push through an overhaul of this nation’s immigration system.

So what happened yesterday?

Democrats picked up two seats in the House of Representatives (Bill Owens — NY 23rd District and John Garamendi — CA 10th District) which may tip the scales towards the votes needed for immigration reform.

Republicans won gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia. New Jersey elected Chris Christie who has spoken out against giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and preventing them from receiving in-state college tuition and in favor of immigration enforcement at the state level.

Similarly, Republican Bob McDonnell also supports initiatives such as 287g which allow immigration enforcement to occur at a state and local level.

We’ll continue to follow this issue closely as the newly elected officials take office and begin to fulfill (or not) their campaign promises.