As of this writing, the children in Washington have yet to reach an agreement to fund the government and there are some immigration services that are impacted however, not as many as some would expect. Many immigration services are fee driven so are not impacted. Below is a quick list:

1. LCA’s can not be filed and are not being processed. Essentially no new H-1 transfers, amendments, or extensions
2. PERM cases can not be filed and are not being processed
3. USCIS case processing will generally proceed as normal with possible impact on certain information/data sharing
4. Visa stamping will continue as normal with possible exceptions on matters that involve other gov. agencies
5. eVerify will cease operations
6. Ombudsman office (worthless as it is ) will stop functioning

Hopefully, this post will become moot soon.

Update 1-23-2018. The children agreed to play nice in the sandbox and share the toys that have been given to them and the shutdown is over.