The Border Security Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2010 which the Senate passed last week was also passed in the House yesterday. The bill provides increased border security along the southern border with funding anticipated from some H-1b and L-1 petitions (see previous post on HLG blog for further details). Now the bill has to go back to the Senate because the bill passed by the Senate last week needed to originate in the House (all revenue generating measures must originate in the House of Representatives). The Senate is currently on recess, but expected to quickly pass the bill when they return from the Labor Day recess. It will then go to the President for signature. Since the bill contains a significant increase in fees for H-1b and L-1 petitions, employers with more than 50 employees and at least 50% on H-1b or L-1 visas should do some quick planning. To avoid the fee increase, such employers should file now on any cases they are considering filing.