HLG is in Washington DC today working with a team of staffing companies, the CTIHS, the lobbyists, and other aligned interests.

Where we are so far:

1. Last spring/summer, we were counseled to hold off on lobbying for additional Schedule A visas in light of the proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform. That effort untimely failed in the Senate.

2. Last fall our effort was one of only two positive immigration efforts that were passed by a house of Congress; namely a proposal to revive the EX Visa category, a category exclusively for professional nurses and physical therapists, and their immediate family members.

3. Our effort then turned to the House. Unfortunately we ran out of time; the calendar year ended before we could muster enough support in the House.

4. We have spent the first two months of 2008 working with House leadership in order to find a sponsor and champion for our legislation. That effort continues and is the subject of today’s meeting. We are optimistic that we will have both in the near term.