H-1B Visas

H-1B Series: If USCIS Approves My Petition, Can the US Consulate Deny My Application for the H-1B Visa Stamp in My Passport?

If USCIS approves my petition, can the US consulate deny my application for an H-1visa stamp in my passport?

Yes. USCIS and the Department of […]

H-1B Series: How Much Does a US Employer Have to Pay an H-1B Worker?

How much does a US employer have to pay an H-1B worker?

US employers must follow¬†very strict rules regarding how much they have to pay […]

H-1B Series: My Friend Started a Company in the US. Can He Hire Me on an H-1B Visa?

My friend started a company in the US. Can he hire me on an H-1B visa?

USCIS regulations do not have any specific requirements about […]

H-1B Series: How Long Can a US Employer Ask for an H-1B to Be Issued? Do They Have to Ask for Three Years?

How long can a US employer ask for an H-1B visa to be issued? Do they have to ask for three years?

A US employer […]

H-1B Series: Do I Need a Valid VisaScreen for a US Employer to File an H-1B Petition for Me?

Do I need a valid healthcare worker certificate (a.k.a “VisaScreen”) in order for a US employer to file an H-1B visa petition for me?

The […]

H-1B Series: What is the Absolute Drop Dead Deadline for Starting an H-1B Petition?

What is the absolute drop dead deadline for starting an H-1B case in order to get it filed in time for the 2016 H-1B […]

H-1B Series: I Currently Work for a Cap Exempt Employer. Do I Need to Go in the Lottery to Work Part-Time for a Cap Subject Employer?

I currently work for a cap exempt US employer on an H-1B visa. Do I need to go in the lottery to get a […]

USCIS Issues Its Annual H-1B Cap Filing Press Release – Suggests Lottery Possible This Year

USCIS released its annual H-1B cap press release today, announcing plans for handling the upcoming April 1 H-1B cap filings, including the possibility of […]

H-1B Series: Is a US Employer Required to Pay the Costs of My Travel to the US to Work on an H-1B Visa?

US employer’s are not required to pay the cost for an H-1B employee to travel to the US to begin working on an H-1B […]

H-1B Series: I’m a Student. Do I Have to Leave the US and Re-Enter Once My H-1B Petition is Approved?

I am a student and a US¬†employer is going to file an H-1B visa petition for me. Do I have to leave the US […]