It’s always important to renew your VisaScreen before it expires.  In addition to needing a valid VisaScreen every time you enter the US on a temporary work visa, you also need a valid VisaScreen on the day you file your Application to Adjust Status AND on the date the application is scheduled for an interview.

VisaScreens can take three or more months to renew, even longer if you also have to take the English test.  You don’t want to have your Priority Date become current, only to discover you can’t file for several months because your VisaScreen needs to be renewed.  Even worse, you don’t want to get a Request for Evidence (RFE) if your Application to Adjust status case is pending and then have your case denied because you could not get your VisaScreen renewed in time to respond to the Request for Evidence.

Until you have your green card in hand, always renew your VisaScreen before it expires.