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It almost seems to me these days it’s kind of like we’re all on the playground in elementary school, hiding from the class bully, and one by one we are having to take our turn to go out and get punched in the mouth by him. First, in April, it was EB-3 Philippines turn, getting smacked to the tune of seven years. Then, in July, it was EB-3 China’s turn, getting popped backwards seven years. Now its EB-2 China’s turn, who just took one to the jaw in the form of an 8 retrogression. And, there’s the perpetual punching bag, EB-2 India, who also just got smacked back almost three years.

Granted it’s the end of the fiscal year (September 30) and the Department of State always has to make some significant adjustments to compensate for year end supply/demand in September, but seriously, I’m beginning to wonder who’s going to get smoked next when the October Visa Bulletin comes out? Stay tuned for Charles Oppenheim’s comments (hopefully forthcoming tin the next few days). It will be interesting to see what he has to say.