Recently, the National Visa Center (NVC) issued letters to immigrant visa applicants stating that proceedings to terminate the visa application will commence, or that the applications are being termination under INA Sec.203(g) for failure to contact the NVC within one year of notification of the availability of a visa. These letters were issued despite the fact that the applicant or the attorney has been in contact with the NVC within the one-year period. The NVC has stated that it is correcting the issue, and affected applicants will receive a follow up email indicating their case is still being processing and they should disregard the email received on July 29, 2015.

If you received one of these letters from the NVC and believe it to be an error, first check the case number to make sure it matches your current, on-going case with the NVC. If it does and you have not yet received a letter from the NVC indicating the letter was in error, contact the attorney assigned to your case. The NVC is in contact with the American Immigration Lawyers Association to determine the best process for reopening an erroneously terminated application.