The answer to this question is absolutely not, unless you have committed some fraud in the filing of the petition which might lead it being revoked.

If you arrive in the US and you begin working for the employer that filed your green card petition for you and after a week or a month or even a year of working for that employer you decide that you don’t like them anymore and you leave and go to another employer, they cannot have your green card revoked and force you to be sent home.

Once the green card is issued to you, if you show up and work for the employer and comply with all the requirements of your initial arrival in the US and then later decide to leave, there is nothing they can do about that. They can sue you for breach of contract if you have an employment contract with them, but they cannot get the immigration service to revoke your petition.

On the other hand, if you lied to them in some way or submitted fraudulent documents to them that they used in order to get your green card issued, or engaged in some other kind of behavior which led to the petition being approved when it never should have been approved in the first place, then your employer can forward that information to the immigration service and the immigration service may at its own discretion, initiate proceedings against you to revoke your green card.

The important distinction is that it’s not the employer revoking your green card, it’s simply the employer providing information to the immigration service who then makes the decision whether or not they want to revoke your card. The immigration service won’t revoke your card because you quit after working for the employer six months after you began working for the employer. They would revoke your card if it never should have been issued in the first place.

This is completely different from a situation in which the employer revoked the I-140 before you are given your green card. Let’s say that you are outside the US and the employer files an I-140 petition for you and you have a retrogressed priority date and the total time it would take for you to wait for an immigrant visa to become available is three years and after a year something happens and the employer decided that they are no longer interested in having you come to the US, maybe because they no longer have a job opportunity for you. At that point in time and completely at the discretion of the employer, they can contact the US immigration service and say they want to revoke the petition and don’t want the person to come to the US to work for them anymore, and as a matter of fact, the immigration service will cancel the petition and you will no longer have a green card case.

You may have some law suit that you can file against the employer for breaching an employment contract that you have with them, but there is nothing that you can do to stop them from canceling the approved I-140 if they don’t want you anymore. Once you get here and you begin to work for them, then it’s an entirely different situation and it’s no longer up to them whether or not the green card visa petition gets revoked.

The one caveat to this is that if you get a green card issued to you and you never show up to work for the employer, but instead come to the US and decide to move to a completely different state and go to work at WalMart then the employer can’t revoke the petition but they can notify the immigration service that you never did what you promised to do, which was to show up and work for them. Then the immigration service may set about the process of revoking your petition because they conclude that you deceived them and submitted a fraudulent petition because you never intended to work for that employer in the first place.

However, if you show up and work for the employer and decide to leave later, then the immigration service isn’t going to revoke your petition if all the information submitted at the time that it was submitted was true and accurate and there is not fraud involved.

Getting a green card to work for a US employer is not indentured servitude and you do not have to work for them for life.