The U.S. State Department just released the July 2015 Visa Bulletin, which lists “U” for 3rd Preference and Other Workers from the Philippines. Rather than continuing to move the priority date further back, the U.S. government has instead listed unavailable for these two categories. Visas will becomes available again when the¬† U.S. government’s new fiscal year begins on October 1, 2015.

Despite the fact that these two preference categories are listed as U, the NVC will continue to process the cases it currently has at their facility, but the petitions will not be forwarded on to any consulate or embassy for an interview¬†until the individual’s priority date becomes current again. While “U” may come as a shock to those with their eye on the Visa Bulletin, it is not all bad news. By listing unavailable, the U.S. government has simply informed us that rather than continuing to assess what the priority date should be each month, and perhaps having to move it further back in time, they will reevaluate the numbers on October 1st, just as we anticipated they would.

Here is a link to the July 2015 Visa Bulletin.