In case you haven’t seen, USCIS has temporarily suspended premium Processing for all H-1B “Extension of Stay” cases (read about it HERE). Should you rush to upgrade to Premium Processing now if you were planning on doing so anyway? Say a case is upgraded to premium on May 20th. Will USCIS treat it as a case filed using premium processing prior to May 26 and adjudicate the petition? Or will they take the money, start the case, then refund the money because they will stop processing those cases on the 26th and didn’t meet their 15 day window? We believe the answer is that they will take the money then refund it, since May 26th is only 7 days away and they probably won’t have the case adjudicated by then. They will then keep the case but take no further action on it until July 28th, at which point they will finish processing the case.