Ever wonder how you can tell from the Approval Notice whether your case was approved in the EB-3 or the EB-2 category? Here’s how you do it. On the upper right side of the Approval Notice is a box that says “Notice Type”. In the box it will say “Approval Notice”. Below that it will say the category. Please see the examples below.

Sample EB-2 Approval Notice

Members of Profession with Advanced Degrees fall in the EB-2 category. Sec. 203(b)(2) is the section which authorizes EB-2 cases.

EB-2 Approval Notice

Sample EB-3 Approval Notice

Skilled Workers and Professionals fall in the EB-3 category. Sec. 203(b)(3) is the section of the law which authorizes EB-3 cases.

Approval Notice