On Tuesday evening House of Representative leaders announced they had reached an agreement for government funding, which was set to run out this week. Interestingly, that agreement did not include any provision to stop funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which controls the US immigration office. Republicans had threatened to withhold DHS funding in an effort to block President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration.

This does not mean Republicans will not do so in 2015, after they have taken control of both the House and Senate, based on the November elections.”We’re going to fight this illegal amnesty and we’re not going to stop,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said. “We’re not going to give in, we’re not going to yield. We’re going to stand strong for the people of the United States of America.”

Funding for DHS is only set to go into early next year, at which point Republicans will have another chance to use the spending process to block President Obama’s executive actions.

In related news, the number of states which have sued President Obama over his executive actions on immigration has now risen to 24.