It’s been awhile since we said anything about the status of EB-2 cases being processed through the US consulate in Manila. As of the most recent reports we have been receiving from clients, the problem we saw during the summer with Manila rejecting EB-2 cases for Physical Therapists educated in the Philippines which were filed based on a bachelor’s degree and five years of full-time experience has been resolved. Those cases are now being processed without substantial delay.

The situation has not changed with regard to cases based on a Phillipine five-year physical education degree being the equivalent of a US master’s degree. These cases are uniformly being returned to USCIS for further review and possible revocation. At this point in time, except for the occasional case which slips through, those cases are being placed in “administrative processing” and immigrant visas are not issued for them.

Ongoing efforts on a variety of fronts in the US, both administrative and legislative, seem to be accomplishing little in the fight to resolve this issue. As soon as we hear of any further developments, we will let you know.