One of the most common causes for a delay in the processing of a healthcare worker certificate by CGFNS, FCCPT, and NBCOT is the time it takes the educational institutions to forward certified copies of the applicant’s educational transcripts to these agencies.  Many people want to know if it is possible for them to obtain certified copies of the transcripts and send them directly to these agencies themselves.

The answer is that the agencies do not allow this because they want to maintain integrity in the evaluation process and feel that if they allowed the applicant to obtain the transcripts and send them, the possibility exists that the applicant might alter the documents, thereby diminishing the accuracy of their evaluations.

You may find that you need to repeatedly check with your academic institution to make sure that they are forwarding the transcripts, especially if you requested transcripts during a period of time when the institution is in a slow work period, such as throughout the summer months or during vacation months around the holidays during the school year.