A recent story by the San Bernardino County Sun reported that UCLA has developed a program that will assist foreign physicians in meeting the requirements to be permitted to practice medicine in the U.S. The article noted that thousands of doctors who are born abroad come to the U.S. and hope to be employed as a physician here. However, many are forced into low-paying jobs in non-medical related fields while they try to save enough money to take the necessary exams and obtain a residency. Many are prevented from practicing medicine in the U.S. due to the high financial burden.

This situation is particularly problematic given that the American Association of Medical Colleges has stated that there will be a shortage of 91,500 primary care physicians by 2020. In response, UCLA has developed a program to “help bilingual, bicultural physicians from Latin American countries complete exams and residencies in family medicine for free. In exchange, the doctors then practice in under-served communities.”

Hammond Law Group, LLC applauds UCLA’s efforts to address the problems that many people in under-served communities face in obtaining medical care and hopes to see similar programs developed by other medical schools around the country.