We have recently heard of accounts from H-1B workers entering from the Newark and Seattle airports encountering additional questioning, and in some cases expedited removal, by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers. It seems most of the cases are occuring out of the Newark aiport and are primarily aimed at Indian H-1B workers employed by IT consulting firms. CBP officers are not only subjecting such workers to a litany of questions (one worker reported being questioned for over an hour) but the CBP officers are also voicing their opinions regarding the issuance of the initial H-1B. One officer is reported to have said that it was not legitimate for an IT consulting firm to be making a profit by billing the client for the services of an H-1B employee; another officer claimed that the H-1B petitioner should have been the client, not the IT consulting company. Further, another officer made the comment that H-1B workers was receiving salaries higher than Americans or taking away jobs from Americans. CBP questioning is so leading and coercive that the H-1B worker has no choice but to agree with the CBP officers. Obviously this line of questioning goes against many of the basic tenets of the immigration regulations. We are working hard to put an end to this type of “rogue” behavior by some CBP officers. If you know of an such instance occurring, please contact your HLG attorney immediately.