Last Friday, CNBC’s Kudlow Report interviewed Senator Grassley regarding his stance on the H1b issue.

In the report entitled “Fire Foreigners First” Senator Grassley commented that he had two goals with regards to reforming the H1b program: 1. to eliminate the fraud in the program, which he mentioned involved employees being listed on the H1b application as working in one location, when in reality they were working in another location, and 2. to make sure US businesses are making a Good Faith effort to seek US workers for the position before hiring H1b workers. When Kudlow then asked the Senator to explain how this stance plays into the fact that we have a skill shortage, the Senator responded that the H-1(b) program was not promulgated for competition purposes but rather to address a need and it was the responsibility of the US businesses to show that there were no US workers available to address this need. In closing the Senator admitted that he is in favor of legal immigration stating, “this country is great because of its diversity”, but that there are laws that must be followed. 

The Senator’s statements in this report seem to indicate that the USCIS investigations into the “fraud” will be on the rise in the coming months.